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Just another deaf academic/advocate/activist blogging about life.

Spring Chill, Summer Thaw, Autumn Harvest

Last winter just a few days before the vernal equinox, I was enjoying being home in Albuquerque when I learned that a right-leaning blog across the pond had picked up a blog post I had written about genetics and the … Continue reading

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How (Not!) To Be Inclusive: Deaf Academic version

  a) Ask the deaf academic if she is willing to write a grant to cover the cost of her interpreters or CART captioning. b) Return the deaf academic’s conference registration fees, telling her that she cannot come to your … Continue reading

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Time, Speedviewing, and Deaf Academics

Teresa Blankmeyer Burke writes on the impact of disability on Deaf and disabled academics’ time.
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Motions of Grief (Memoir)

It has been a long time since I’ve worked on my memoir. The pursuit of tenure and promotion, and a bit of a health crisis swerve last September threw me off track. I’m finally feeling like writing again, and put … Continue reading

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A Quiet Rainy Night at 7th and H NW

Heading into work yesterday, I reached up to adjust my glasses and my fingertips came away wet. I hadn’t noticed until then that tears were spilling out of my eyes. Hours before that, I had posted an article and photograph … Continue reading

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Death’s Valley Days: Prologue (Memoir)

Chapter 1: The Diamond in the Door (excerpt) I had just put Austin down for the night, an hour before midnight, when my mother popped her head in the bedroom and said, “There’s a policeman knocking at the door.” A … Continue reading

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Cochlear Implants, Viral Videos, and Sexism

(This post first appeared on the Feminist Philosophers blog on March 29, 2014) Once again a video of the miracle of hearing via cochlear implants has gone viral. I find this bothersome, but not for the reasons you might think, given that I’m a member of … Continue reading

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